step by step guide to create lead generation funnel

How to Create Lead Generation Funnels Guide

In this post we’re going to see how to create lead generation funnels on your website.

But, why do we create lead generation funnels and how complex is that?

If you were wondering this, read on.

Most of the time people won’t buy from you right the first second they meet your brand. The reason is very simple – they don’t know you and they don’t trust you. They don’t know *what* you do and *why* you do what you do.

To get them to even think about purchasing from you, they gotta get to know about you, your business and brand more.

That’s where lead generation funnels come into play. And here’s how you can save tons of money and create lead generation funnels on your own and with ease.

DIY Step by Step Guide: How to Create Lead Generation Funnels on Your Site

1) Website setup steps:

  1. Get high-speed and reliable hosting.
  2. Install WordPress.
  3. Get WordPress theme.

2) Landing page setup:

You can spend countless $$ on landing pages platforms like ClickFunnels (pricey!) and LeadPages, and still have zero control over your content.

If these platforms crash or fail for whatsoever reason, you lose your landing pages, content, all the lead generation funnels you’ve built, traffic and credibility.

Instead, you can create beautiful, clean and high-converting landing pages in minutes, on your own website, save a bunch of money and have the backups of all your content and lead generation funnels setup so that you can sleep peacefully. How? Pretty simple. With Thrive landing pages builder.

The sweetest thing about Thrive landing pages builder? You can split-test all kinds of variations of your landing page, and it will automatically choose and keep the best converting one for you! (instead of wasting your time and energy, turn all those “should I be using this color or that background, or this copy or different title/lead magnet?” into some kick-ass conversion boosting)

If you care about your money, time and conversion reates, you should consider checking it out.

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3) Opt-in form setup

First things first, you gotta sign up with an email marketing software.

I know there are plenty of them to choose from, but for the best results, I recommend ConvertKit.

Why ConvertKit? Because it’s the most powerful, yet the most intuitive to use email marketing software out there.

Would you like a FREE done-for-you video tutorial to show you how to set up an opt-in form, lead magnet and the automations in ConvertKit? Pop your email address below and I'll record it and send it to you.

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In your email marketing platform, create the opt-in form for your lead magnet.

When your opt-in form is created, you can simply embed it where you want on your site.

BUT, if you really want to do this like a pro, then take it to the next level and do some split testing of the opt-in forms. Test out which opt-in form design, copy or even lead magnet converts better for your audience!

And what if I told you that there’s a tool that allows you to set it all up in minutes, plus monitor the conversion of the variations, and even choose/keep the winner (the one that converts better) – automatically? Yes, it can be easy and high-level as that. My recommendation here: Thrive Leads.

4) Thank-you / one-time offer page

Ok, cool, your lead generation funnel converts, your leads opted into getting your lead magnet, but it shouldn’t end only on “Thank you, I’m sending you the PDF”.

I mean, yes, of course you should say a proper thank you on the thank-you page, with the clear instructions on where to look for the cool stuff you promised to send to them. But it shouldn’t only end with that.

So, why not… invite them to do/see something else they can benefit from. Having a free FB group where your leads hang out? Invite them to it. Have something uber cool to offer to them? Call them to action.

Use this thank-you / one-time offer page to engage further with your audience.

Pro Tip:

And if you want to level up that game even further - make it a limited time offer that is going to expire soon. See here how to use scarcity marketing to significantly boost your lead generation and sales conversion rates.

5) Test, analyze, improve, repeat

Every time you build a lead generation funnel, make sure to test it out before the launch and driving traffic to the landing page.

Final Summation

With the step-by-step method above, not only you’ll save a bunch of money by hosting and creating your own lead generation and sales funnels… but you can also templatize your funnels and re-use them for other offers/products/launches as well.

Have any questions or tips on building lead generation funnels to share? Please share in the comments below.

Don’t have time for DIY stuff and just need a professional to set it all up for you? Get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

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